Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Google Co-op - new at blogformation.com

Check it out, from Google's Blog:

Eureka! Your own search engine has landed!

Wouldn't it be cool if you could easily build a search engine on your blog or website tailored to the topics and areas you know and love the most? You're not alone if you'd like that -- we've heard from partners large and small, and users across the web who want access to the Google search platform, and want to customize and make it their own.

We're thrilled to tell you that the search for your own search engine is over. Today we are launching the Google Custom Search Engine. As you might imagine, it's a simple and straightforward product to use and understand. In a matter of minutes you can create a search engine that reflects your knowledge and interests; looks and feels like your own; and, if you choose, you can make money from the traffic you receive through Google's AdSense program. You can even invite your friends and trusted community members to add to and help build your search engine.

Finding specific information has never been so easy, and there's no programming knowledge or cost involved. We worked with a few initial partners to demonstrate the power of the customization features. Check out the search engine RealClimate.org built to better connect their users to the environmental science information they are looking for. Intuit created a search engine for their JumpUp.com site, finding that it met the needs of their small business customers. But the Custom Search Engine is not just for businesses. Since Shashi is passionate about wine, he created a "wine search engine" and put it on his wine blog so his friends can search for wine-related topics from there.

Just added one to http://blogformation.com/

Monday, October 23, 2006

TerraNovaDirect - company specializing in social networks

http://www.terranovadirect.com/ - from their home page:
Terra Nova Marketing Solutions provides incisive guidance and hands-on solutions to companies with immediate marketing, direct marketing and Internet opportunities.

Social Networking:
Our unique depth of experience in defining, understanding and effectively communicating with customers insures our clients that they will get the complete and integrated marketing solutions they need, including creating and managing integrated customer networks, as well as the additional specialized services required for this critical part of the marketing value chain.

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List of Social Networking sites (major sites, oct. 2006)

Name Description/Focus User count Registration
43 Things Tagging 627,000[1] Open
ActiveRain Real estate professionals 5,374[2] Open
Adoos Latin America and Spain classifieds, personals 1,000,000 Open
AIM Pages AOL Instant Messenger Unknown Open
aSmallWorld European jet set and social elite 75,000[3] Invite-only
BlackPlanet.com African-Americans 18,000,000[4] Open
Bebo Schools and colleges 22,000,000[5] Open
Blogger Blogging Unknown Open
Blurty Blogs, based on LiveJournal 947,169[6] Open
Bolt General (music and video) 4,000,000[7] Open
CarDomain Car enthusiasts 1,600,000[8] Open
Care2 Activists 6,000,000[9] Open
Classmates.com School, college, work and the military 40,000,000[10] Open
Connect.ee Estonia 39,000[11] Invite-only
Consumating "Consumeetings" 21,000[12] Open
Cyworld South Korea 15,000,000[13] Open
Dandelife Collective narratives or "shared biographies" unknown Open
DeadJournal "Dark" blogs, based on LiveJournal 490,310[14] By invite or payment
Dodgeball.com Mobile location-based service unknown[15] Open
Doostang Online career community 53,000[16] Invite-only
DowneLink LGBT Unknown Open
Draugiem.lv Latvia 731,652[17] Invite-only
Ecademy Business Unknown Open
Eons People over 50 Unknown Open to people over 50
Facebook General 7,700,000[18] Open
Faceparty British teens and 20-somethings 5,900,000[19] Open
FaceRen Mainly Chinese-literate university students unknown Open
Flickr Photo sharing 2,500,000[20] Open
Friendster General 29,100,000[21] Open
Frühstückstreff General 10,100[22] Open
Gaia Online General 4,548,824[23] Open
GhettoSoul Writing, Poetry, and Music unknown[24] Open
Goldmic Hip-Hop 58,000[25] Open
GolfBuzz Golfers and Courses 16,000[26] Open
GoPets Virtual pets 400,000[27] Open
GreatestJournal Uses LiveJournal code 1,514,865[28] Open
Grono.net Poland 830,000[29] Invite-only
Grouprider.com Motorcycle enthusiasts 3,000[30] Open
Hi5 Worldwide. 50,000,000[31] Open
Hyves Dutch people, but translations available (UK, GE, FR, SP) - many students 2,311,790[32] Open
imeem media-centric social network with instant messaging functionality Unknown[33] Open
Inked Nation Body modification aficionados Unknown[34] Open
IMVU 3D chat software 1,000,000[35] Open
IRC-Galleria Finland 350,000[36] Open
iWiW Hungary 1,000,000[37] Invite only
Janglo Jerusalem & Tel Aviv (Taanglo) English speakers 14,300 [38] Open
Joga Bonito Football (soccer) Unknown Open
Last.fm Music Unknown[39] Open
LibraryThing Books 82,374[40] Open
LinkedIn Business 7,500,000[41] Open
Listography Social List Making Unknown[42] Open
LiveJournal Blogging 10,921,263[43] Open
LunarStorm Sweden 1,200,000[44] Open
Match.com Dating 12,000,000[45] Open
Med Network Healthcare Professionals and Students Unknown[46] Open
MiGente.com Latinos 3,600,000[47] Open
Mixi Japan 5,000,000[48] Invite-only
MOBANGO Cell phones 1,000,000[49] Open
MOG Music Unknown Open
Multiply "Real world" networking with definable relationships 3,000,000[50] Open
Music Forte Music 37,000[51] Open
myGamma Cell phones 900,000[52] Open
MySpace General 120,313,681[53] Open
myYearbook General 950,000[54] Open
Neurona Spanish businesses and Italy 690,000[55] Open
Nexopia Canada 866,000 Open
Newscloud News and Media Not reported Open
OkCupid Dating 500,000[56] Open
openBC Business 1,000,000[57] Open
orkut Owned by Google 27,972,301[58] Invite-only
Passado General (business) 4,700,000[59] Open
Piczo Teenagers, Canadians, photo sharing 10,000,000[60] Open
Playahead Swedish teenagers 2,000,000[61] Open
ProfileHeaven British teens 100,000[62] Open
Rediff Connexions India 1,400,000[63] Open
Reunion.com Locating friends and family 25,000,000[64] Open
Ryze Business 250,000[65] Open
Sconex American high schools 500,000[66] Open
Studybreakers High school students 34,000[67] Open
Stumbleupon Websurfing 1,200,000[68] Open
Sulekha Desis 1,000,000[69] Open
TagWorld General (tagging) 1,850,692[70] Open
TakingITGlobal Social action 116,000[71] Open
The Student Center Teens and colleges 800,000[72] Open
Threadless General 364,474 Open
Tribe General 554,993[73] Open
Vampire Freaks Gothic industrial culture 650,000[74] Open
VietSpace A social network of Vietnamese 20,000[75] Open
Vox Blogging Unknown Invite-only
WAYN Travel 5,500,000[76] Open
WebBiographies Genealogy 3,500[77] Open
Windows Live Spaces Blogging (formerly MSN Spaces) 30,000,000[78] Open
Xanga Blogs and "metro" areas 40,000,000[79] Open
Xuqa Colleges 1,000,000[80] Open
Yahoo! 360° Linked to Yahoo! IDs 4,700,000[81] Open to people 18 and older
Zaadz Social consciousness 17,627[82] Open

LinkedIn: Profile

LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking site, mainly used for professional networking. As of September 2006, it had more than 7 million registered users, representing 130 industries.

Registered users maintain lists of contacts of people they know and trust in business (these are called connections). These lists are then used to provide a network of contacts which can be used in a number of ways. Each person's network consists of their direct connections, each of their connections connections (called 2nd degree connections) and also the connections of 2nd degree connections (called 3rd degree connections).

This network can then be used to find jobs, people and business opportunities recommended by the user's direct contacts, or by individuals connected to a contact at the 2nd or 3rd degree.

The "gated-access approach" (where contact with any professional requires either a pre-existing relationship, or the intervention of a contact of theirs) is intended to build trust among the service's users.

Employers can list jobs on LinkedIn and search for passive candidates and job seekers can review the profile of hiring managers, HR professionals and/or recruiters, and then discover which of their existing contacts can introduce them.

Alumni and professional organizations use LinkedIn for Groups, members-only areas on LinkedIn that facilitate networking among their members. Many of these organizations have groups that also exist under the Yahoo! Groups domain.

LinkedIn participates in the EU Safe Harbor Privacy Framework and is certified to meet the strict privacy guidelines of the European Union. All relationships on LinkedIn are mutually confirmed, and no one appears in the LinkedIn Network without knowledge and explicit consent.

The history of social networks

just to get started..... :

The first social networking website was Classmates.com, which began in 1995. Other sites followed, including SixDegrees.com, which began in 1997, Epinions which introduced the circle of trust in 1999, followed by European equivalents Ciao.com, Dooyoo and ToLuna. It was not until 2001 that websites using the Circle of Friends online social networks started appearing. This form of social networking, widely used in virtual communities, became particularly popular in 2002 and flourished with the advent of a website called Friendster. There are over 200 social networking sites. The popularity of these sites rapidly grew, and by 2005 MySpace was getting more page views than Google. [2] Google has a social network called orkut, launched in 2004. Social networking began to be seen as a component of internet strategy at around the same time: in March 2005 Yahoo launched Yahoo! 360°, their entry into the field, and in July 2006 News Corporation bought MySpace. [3].

In these communities, an initial set of founders sends out messages inviting members of their own personal networks to join the site. New members repeat the process, growing the total number of members and links in the network. Sites then offer features such as automatic address book updates, viewable profiles, the ability to form new links through "introduction services," and other forms of online social connections. Social networks can also be organized around business connections, as in the case of LinkedIn.

Blended networking is an approach to social networking that combines both offline elements (face-to-face events) and online elements. MySpace, for example, builds on independent music and party scenes, and Facebook mirrors a college community. The newest social networks on the Internet are becoming more focused on niches such as art, tennis, football (soccer), golf, cars, dog owners, and even cosmetic surgery. See also Social computing.

Most of the social networks on the internet are public, allowing anyone to join. Organizations, such as large companies, also have access to private social networking applications, known as Enterprise Relationship Management. They install these applications on their own servers and enable employees to share their networks of contacts and relationships to outside people and companies.

A recent development of social network is the integration of marketplace element in it, known as the Social Marketplace

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