Friday, September 07, 2007

Quechup is rotten: don't accept invites - Boing Boing

Quechup is rotten: don't accept invites - Boing Boing: "Quechup is rotten: don't accept invites Posted by Xeni Jardin, September 4, 2007 6:30 AM # Discuss (38) As blogged here yesterday: While you were Burning / vacationing / spacing out offline this Labor Day weekend, many folks online were hit with invitations from a social networking service called Quechup that violates your address book, and abuses user trust by spamming all your contacts. "

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Twitter Updates: Exploring Twitter

Hello Twitter-ers,

We've launched a new area of our web site featuring different ways
you can interact with Twitter. Our friends at Stamen Design created
a particularly engaging application called Blocks--an interactive
way to discover people on Twitter. Special thanks to Motorola for
their sponsorship of this launch. There will be more cool stuff
here in the future so please come on by and check it out.

Explore Twitter:

Are You Mobile?

Sure, Timbaland and his MTV pals Twitter by txt but you don't have
to be a rock star to send and receive Twitter updates on the fly.
If you normally use Twitter over the web, why not switch things
up? Activate your mobile phone to work with Twitter so you can send
and receive updates anytime, anywhere.

Activate your phone:

Vegas, Baby!

Twitter will be in Las Vegas hobnobbing with some of your favorite
musicians and artists at the Video Music Awards starting tomorrow
and going all weekend. The MTV folks made arrangements to have a
bunch of cool artists Twittering away. If you want to follow these
artists as they party in Vegas, just text FOLLOW VMA to 40404.
Or visit the profile.


What Happened This Morning?

We were performing optimizations to make Twitter faster and more
reliable and it took longer than expected. We scheduled some
downtime for the wee hours of the morning but the work spilled over
into normal human daytime. Hopefully, this didn't put too much of
a crimp in your Twittering style. The good news is we got the work
done and Twitter is better for it.

Search Twitter

Recently, we've launched search so you can find more folks to
follow or even discover people you didn't know were on Twitter. We
also built an easy way to find out who from your Gmail Address book
is already on Twitter. To use either of these new features, click
the "Find & Invite" link at the top of of the Twitter web site.

Find & Invite:

Other Cool Stuff

There's a geeky new show premiering later this month on NBC and
the character Twitters:

Reactee has created an easy way to make your own t-shirts
customized with your Twitter username:

71Miles is using Twitter to send exclusive, limited discounts to
classy resorts and spas in California:

Okay, that's all for now. Gotta get back to work.

Happy Twittering,
Biz Stone and the Twitter Team

How Mark Zuckerberg Turned Facebook Into the Web's Hottest Platform

How Mark Zuckerberg Turned Facebook Into the Web's Hottest Platform:

"How Mark Zuckerberg Turned Facebook Into the Web's Hottest Platform By Fred Vogelstein Email 09.06.07 | 2:00 AM Photo: Emily Shur He didn't have much choice but to sell. It was summer 2006, a little more than two years after Mark Zuckerberg had created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room as a way for him and his friends to better connect with schoolmates. In the intervening years, he'd raised $37.7 million from venture capitalists and transformed his modest Web site into a certified social phenomenon. College kids across the nation clamored for access, which Zuckerberg doled out, school by school. By mid-2006, about 7 million users, most of them college students, had a Facebook account."

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Startup Offers Privacy For Sale -- But Is Anyone Buying?

The commercials have started on TV also - a $1,000,000 guarantee that you won't be a victim of identity theft. The inevitable product of social networks and the internets.

1. Sign up for service
2. Hire script kiddie to break for $10,000
3. PROFIT!?!?!?!

Startup Offers Privacy For Sale -- But Is Anyone Buying?:

Privacy is fast becoming the trendy concept in online marketing. An increasing number of companies are flaunting the steps they've taken to protect the privacy of their customers. But studies suggest consumers won't pay even 25 cents to protect their data. In one week in July, unveiled AskEraser, a tool that will allow users to obliterate their search histories; Microsoft announced enhanced privacy controls for its Windows Live service; and Google and Yahoo shrank the amount of time they retained IP addresses and search logs, reducing the ability of government agencies to subpoena such data.

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