Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Startup Offers Privacy For Sale -- But Is Anyone Buying?

The commercials have started on TV also - a $1,000,000 guarantee that you won't be a victim of identity theft. The inevitable product of social networks and the internets.

1. Sign up for service
2. Hire script kiddie to break for $10,000
3. PROFIT!?!?!?!

Startup Offers Privacy For Sale -- But Is Anyone Buying?:

Privacy is fast becoming the trendy concept in online marketing. An increasing number of companies are flaunting the steps they've taken to protect the privacy of their customers. But studies suggest consumers won't pay even 25 cents to protect their data. In one week in July, Ask.com unveiled AskEraser, a tool that will allow users to obliterate their search histories; Microsoft announced enhanced privacy controls for its Windows Live service; and Google and Yahoo shrank the amount of time they retained IP addresses and search logs, reducing the ability of government agencies to subpoena such data.

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