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New customised flockpad for social networking buffs
Business Standard - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
Internet buffs, students and professionals involved in e-learning, bloggers and members of social networking portals such as Orkut or Facebook can now ...

'WSJ' Intros SeenThis?
Adweek - New York,NY,USA
"This application not only extends our brand and content to new audiences in large social networking sites, but also deepens on-site engagement by bringing ...

Hoover's Launches Business Social Network 'Connect'
InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA
By KC Jones Business information portal Hoover's this week launched a social networking tool it hopes will help make introductions easier and link its users ...

Social Networking Done Right
Marketing - USA
Companies Loomia and Prospero have developed smart social networking tools that can teach Facebook a thing or two. Loomia's "Seen This" application enables ...

Imbee Settles FTC Charges Social Networking Site for Kids Violated ...
Media Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
The operators of imbee dot com, a social networking site specifically targeting kids and "tweens," have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges ..

Dave McClure on Social Networking and Web 2.0
By Tim Howgego
He outlined some of the advantages of “Web 2.0″, talked extensively on the use of real-time metrics to evolve web services, developed a history of social networking websites, and highlighted the interesting aspects of Facebook. ...
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Executive Breakfast Social Networking / Enterprise: Register Today!!!
By Bruno
Toronto, February 7th,2008, 8:30 am More and more enterprises are exploring the world of enterprise social networking (Intranet 2.0), exactly how does the enterprise ensure a seamless transition between Intranet 1.0 and Intranet 2.0? ...
NLC Internet Marketing Blog -

Harness the data held in social networking sites
By Maddie Grant
Great comment on social networking - if we can find a way, as associations, to harness all the information that is already held on social networking sites, if we can "data mine" all that stuff, if we encourage our members to use the ...
Diary of a reluctant blogger ;) -

Social networking value
By Stephen Collins
I’ve gained immeasurable non-paying and intangible benefits from social networking - meeting people, making connections and speaking at conferences. Without my social networks, these things would absolutely not have happened! ...
acidlabs -

5 Tips for Diving into Social Networking
Wired fundraisers come in two varieties: passionate fundraisers who happen to use social networking (also known as Web 2.0) tools and people who use these tools who have turned into fundraisers. In order to take full advantage of social ...
Katya's Non-Profit Marketing Blog -

Social Networking Sites
By biztechnow
Social networking sites such as Bebo, MySpace and Facebook are on the decline as users are spending less and less time on these sites. All the main players in the industry all took double digit hits in the last month. ...
Business Technology Now -

Digging Into Slowing Social Networking Numbers
By rob_hof
Social networking sites, at least in the US, are seeing a slowdown in both new members and time spent on the sites, according to numbers my colleague Spencer Ante got from comScore. Leaving aside whether comScore's numbers represent ...
BusinessWeek Online - Tech Beat -

Google Revenue Rises, Social Networking Ads Fall Short
InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA
Google CFO George Reyes attributed the 4Q TAC spike to contractual payments to certain large sites and added that social networking ad inventory has not ...

Hoover's Connect: Diving into social networking
BloggingStocks - USA
Hoover's has acquired Visible Path, which develops an enetrprise-class social networking platform. So what makes Hoover's Connect different? ...

Google Profit Dips on Paid Clicks, Social Networking
International Business Times - New York,NY,USA
Google, which struck a deal to place ads on the MySpace network last year says it has had trouble making money from social networking. ...

Dating and Social Networking Domains Go On the Auction Block ...
CircleID - Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada
By DomainSponsor Some of the best domains available for the Internet Dating and Social Networking industries will be available for bidding in a Live Domain ...

Social Networking Ads Suck
By Jeff
[From Techdirt: Surprise, Surprise, Social Networking Ads Suck ]. I wrote about this a couple of days ago. We built both OpenSocial and Facebook applications and what we found is that people don’t use them like they do our other client ...
Venture Chronicles -

It’s Official: US Social Networking Sites See Slow Down
By Spencer Ante
I just got a hold of the ComScore numbers for US social networking sites, and it ain’t pretty folks. After peaking in October of 2007 with 71.9 million users, MySpace, the leading social network, has seen its audience fall back to ...
AllThingsDigital -- Today's Headlines -

Breakdown of social networking
By Judy O'Connell
Imagine this scenario - would happen to our social networking endeavours if we all lost connection to the Internet? Some of you may have been following Afterworld, the first television series to be made available on mobile phones and ...
HeyJude -

Turn Social Networking Contacts Into Affiliate Marketing Customers
By cory
The key is like in all advertising, that your social networking link and all copy with that, must be able to stand out from the crowd of many other affiliate marketing texts and to offer unique and useful benefits in a personal way. ...
Internet Marketing Publication... -

Digging Into Slowing Social Networking Numbers BusinessWeek - USA

Social networking sites, at least
in the US, are seeing a slowdown in both new members
and time spent on the sites, according to numbers my
colleague ...

Google Misses Q4 On Weak Ad Sales, Social Networking - USA
The Internet's 800-pound gorilla, Google, slipped on economic and social-networking banana peels, reporting fourth-quarter results that missed analyst views ...

Hoover's launches b-to-b social networking service
DM News - New York,NY,USA
by Chantal Todé, Cara Wood Online business content provider Hoover's Inc. has launched a social networking service for the professional market that ...

Social networking strife hits Google profits
PC Pro - London,UK
The company blames the poor results on a failure to exploit advertising on social networking sites, claiming that it is more difficult to serve relevant ads ...

Is social networking fatigue beginning to bite in US? - Dublin,Ireland
01.02.2008 - People are spending less time on social networking sites, new figures compiled by US web analyst firm, ComScore, have revealed. ...

Social networking and ads-who's paying attention?
By Ed Sim
One note that many in the blogosphere seemed to pick up on is the higher cost of traffic acquisition from partners and the fact that social networking is not delivering results as expected( read Between the Lines for more) ...
BeyondVC -

JuiceCaster Mobile Social Networking Application launched in India (press release) - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
No wonder social networking websites are booming in India. Taking this point in consideration Juice Wireless has introduced JuiceCaster, unified mobile and ...

NEXAGE Receives Additional Funding and Launches Next Generation ...
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
PhoneCast Pro 2.0 offers a complete end-to-end hosted solution that meets all the rich media content delivery and social networking needs of media companies ...

Loomia launches 'SeenThis' social application with NBC, Wall ...
CNET - San Francisco,CA,USA
Social news company Loomia announced on Wedneesday that it has launched a new application called SeenThis, which connects news sites with social-networking ...


Public Performance in Social Networking
By Joe Suh
As I've used social networking sites since 2003, I always found this interesting. I think it boils down to "social collateral" - when I want others to know about an event I'm attending or a connection I have with someone, I tend to make ...
Digital @ Leadership Network -

Essay #1: Facebook and Social Networking
By tylerjd
The digital media topic I decided to look into is the popular social networking site, Facebook.The first article I chose was written by an author for the Network Journal of Communications. In this article, author Brent Leary, ...

Dating and Social Networking Domains being sold today in Live ...
By Chief Editor
Some of the best domains available for the Internet Dating and Social Networking industries will be available for bidding in a Live Domain Auction presented by Moniker. The auction will take place at 2:30 pm PST/5:30 pm EST on Friday, ...
Domain Name News, The Domain... -

Social Networking Sites Safer Than IM or Chat Rooms
U.S. News & World Report - Washington,DC,USA
1 (HealthDay News) -- While social networking Web sites such as MySpace and Facebook have been singled out as places where teens could face sexual ...

Recruiters flock to social networking sites - Charlotte,NC,USA
Nina Detwiler was a student at Boston College when Facebook hit the Web, and though she wasn't quite sure what to make of the social networking site at ...

How Microsoft-Yahoo could shape social networking
By Caroline McCarthy
Social networking is one of the biggest and fastest-evolving phenomena on the Web, and Microsoft's proposed takeover of Yahoo will undoubtedly send it in new directions. More than anything, a MSFT-YHOO acquisition will shake up the ... -

Techdirt: Surprise, Surprise, Social Networking Ads Suck from the as-expected dept One of the questions that
came up last week in Edinburgh was whether or not social
networking sites were really the big moneymakers
they claimed to be. In the discussion, what we agreed
on, was that the social ...

Tech News -

eDirectree Brings Group Wiki Twist to Social Networking
By Mark Hendrickson
A new social network called eDirectree launched today that wants to make it more fun to form groups with people online. eDirectree was founded this past November by Raj Abhyanker, who also founded Fatdoor in late 2006 but left when that ...
Techcrunch -

Writerpreneur: Social Networking
By The Writer Mama
Social networking is a great way to build your readership, expand your fan base, and sell your products and services. You’ve probably already heard of some of the more popular networks like myspace and facebook. ...

Lexington county public library bans social networking sites
The State - Columbia,SC,USA
By LEZLIE PATTERSON - Do you think public libraries should ban access to social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, ...

Social Networking for Wired Journalists - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
As j-schools struggle to keep the skills they teach relevant to the fast-changing media landscape, hundreds other journalists and students have mobilized to ...

Comment on eDirectree Brings Group Wiki Twist to Social Networking ...
By Raj Abhyanker
Our mission is for users to have fun with an interesting new way to build social circles on the Internet. One needs to test concepts to learn what users want, we will iterate to get the feature set right. ...
Comments for Techcrunch -

MyTrybe - Connects You to People Who Share Your Taste
By Social Guy
Your personal taste network - your Trybe - is comprised of the people most similar to you in the MyTrybe community. No two Trybes are exactly alike. MyTrybe is a social networking and recommendations website that connects you to people ...
Social Networking Blog - SociableBlog... -

How Microsoft-Yahoo could shape social networking CNET Blogs - Cupertino,CA,USA

By Caroline McCarthy – February 1, 2008, 2:01
PM PST Social networking is one of
the biggest and fastest-evolving phenomena on the Web,
and Microsoft's ...

SNS- SOcial Networking Sites
Ok guys, moment of truth. These two social networking sites have been battling it out for a while, but which do YOU prefer?
Sucks or Rules -

Social Networking and Responsibility
By mscofino
Whose responsibility is it to teach students about the dangers of social networking (not only physical danger from online predators, but the danger of getting college applications rejected or the danger of getting kicked out of school)? ...
always learning -

Find the Social Network You Need
There's a new search engine in town and it's going to help you find what you need, a social networking site just for you. FindASocialNetwork is a unique search engine designed to help you find that niche in social networking that you're ...
The Social Networking Weblog -

How Microsoft-Yahoo could shape social networking Social networking is one of the biggest
and fastest-evolving phenomena on the Web, and.

/ upcoming -

On MocoSpace’s impressive growth rate and mobile social networking
By Krishnan
Secondly, MocoSpace recently went past the magical figure of 2 million users for its mobile social networking service. There is still a lot of scope for improvement as far as MocoSpace is concerned, but you’ve got to give it to those ...
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Us Older Ones and the Need for the Phrase "Social Networking"
By wallen
Most of us beyond our early '20s use a term, social networking, to identify activities that have become second nature to Web 2. In a class I determined that I would introduce some scholarly social networks in order to expand their ...
EDUCAUSE | All Content -

Revenue Growth from Social Networking
By ericblu
We previously discussed niche social marketing including LinkedIn, the fastest growing social network for business networking. Visible Path, which was recently acquired by Hoovers for an undisclosed amount, provides any company with the ...
Marketer Mate -

Seeking Experience Drupal Developer who has developed Social ...
By kristyb2008
I am looking for a drupal developer who is experienced in creating social networking websites. Please forward samples of your work, plus hourly rates. This is contact work. Upon review of your portfolio, if interested I will followup to ... - Paid Drupal services -

Video Professor offers Protect Yourself Online: Viruses, Scams and ...
By Ramon Thomas
Leader in self-paced computer training combats Internet security fears with the launch of its newest tutorial, Protect Yourself Online: Viruses, Scams and Social Networking. VIDEO PROFESSOR-the leader in comprehensive, ...
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