Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NeighBorrow : Social Borrowing?

Now you can borrow, trade or outright get things from other people. NeighBorrow is a social networking site that will let you find other people that have the things you need and want.

If you have something you don't use often and don't mind lending it, or if you have something but want something else, or if you have something you just don't need anymore at all, consider lending it, trading it or donating it to someone else. That's what NeighBorrow is all about.

Right now you can only share with groups you belong to. You can create your own group. Maybe you can get everyone in your family to sign up as a group, or everyone at work. Then when someone has something they can lend they can list it and someone else will know the item is available and can borrow it.

They will be adding a shipping feature in the future to make sending items to each other easier. In the meantime you can't borrow within the entire network so you'll need to search around and find some groups to join so you can share across the Internet.

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