Saturday, November 24, 2007

Latest Facebook News

A police officer is under investigation after an "inappropriate video clip" was posted on Facebook

Facebook disables prohibited porn ads
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
By Elise Ackerman and John Boudreau Facebook said Friday it has disabled pornographic ads that were placed on profiles created by users of the popular ...

myspace Hypertargeting vs Facebook Beacon: Which one is creepier?
CNet Blog - USA
But Google is far less intrusive (for now) than myspace or Facebook which usurp data you never signed up to disclose. "Our mission with hypertargeting by ...

Facebook backlash over sale of personal data
Independent - London,England,UK
Following weeks of discontent on group discussion boards on Facebook, one of world's biggest internet sites, it is facing a privacy backlash organised by ...

Facebook Tricks
By garhwalk(Yogesh Goel)
Facebook has been the buzz word in recent times. Well, almost all the social networking sites are getting world's attention. We are enjoying this wonderful phase web 2.0 and we keep on trying our hands on cool tips and tricks to enhance ...

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