Friday, August 12, 2011

wp-o-matic professional help support

what is wp-o-matic?
- It is a Plugin for wordpress hosted site/blog to post automatically using rss content. This may be a good way of business. Now a days so many people use auto content to post in timely manner. wp-o-matic uses Atom or xml feeds and post them not stop if there is cron job set up.

Problem with wp-o-matic : below

wp-o-matic cron

wp-o-matic autofetch
wp-o-matic error

wp-o-matic not matching with theme

how can you solve cron wp-o-matic problem?
-different hosts have different problem. Either they are not set well or script is not installed well.

If you are interested to spend some dollars you can get professional level service.

Simply search "wp-o-matic solution" on google to get it.

Reliable and faster service for your autoblog. Autoblog dedicated to your business.

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